My name is Katie and I am a country girl from a small town in Australia who has fallen in love with a lifestyle that isn't revolving around money and jewels but experiences and smiles.

I am very spontaneous and don't plan much until last minute because I like being able to take hold of every adventure opportunity and I never know who I am going to meet or what opportunity is around the corner. I’ve spent too much money cancelling and re-arranging flights in the past so now I successfully am travelling the world with NO PLAN, just living life as it comes.

I started writing because I want to give other the opportunity to feel confident that you CAN travel, safely and have fun doing it despite not having a concrete plan, as well as I simply enjoy it. Don’t get confused though, no plan doesn’t mean not being prepared, it actually means the complete opposite; to be a successful spontaneous traveller the trick is to be prepared. Be prepared physically as well as mentally to take on the world and grab hold of EVERY opportunity.

My Story

I enjoy are horse riding, singing, and being outdoors. I have grown up on a farm, surrounded by animals and the ‘laid back’ country lifestyle. I love going camping and being adventurous. I am always up for trying something new and meeting new people. After all, a stranger may just be a friend that you haven’t met yet!

Travel was a dream of mine and it all began when I received an email, offering me a scholarship at the Flight Centre Travel academy. I completed my studies with a strong passion to go out into the world and experience everything that I learnt.

When I headed off I discovered that it is so much more then just seeing famous tourist attractions and taking a picture just to say that you have been there. To me it became a whole new way of living. It was about immersing yourself into another world. A world filled with unfamiliar culture, different food, foreign languages, traditions and religions that helped me discover how much more life there was beyond my own little world that I had been living in. Travel opened my eyes to who I want to be and how I want to live through the people that I met and the places that I discovered. I am not even close to finished discovering how many adventures life is going to take me on.

I am super excited to share my experiences with everyone so that they can join me on my adventures around the world.

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